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Tactical hi-angle Abseiling

"The Edge" has qualified instructors in all rope work techniques.

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"The Edge" has a fully prepped climbing wall with all the gear need for training in the following:

  • Medical Rescue.
  • Military & Police dynamic entry.
  • Fire support.
  • Battle field logistics.
  • Recreation.

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Accredited Rope Access Training

Tactical Rope Access Technician (level One):Would suit those applications where a rope is used as their primary means of support while working. The course covers equipment identification and use,

  • knots,
  • anchor points,
  • descending and ascending,
  • changeovers,
  • line transfers,
  • lop transfers,
  • knot passing,
  • passing intermediate anchors,
  • basic pick-offs
  • theory examination.

Tactical Rope Access Technician (level Two): Entry requirement to this course is Rope Access Technician Level One.
Level two covers the following:

  • advanced anchor point systems,
  • wire strops.
  • mid-rope knots,
  • placing and utilizing bolts.
  • work-site organization,
  • hazard identification,
  • rescue hauling
  • advanced pick-offs.

Tactical Rope Access Technician (level Three):Entry requirement for this course is Rope Access
Technician Level two.
Level three covers the following:

  • Level 1&2 skills revision,
  • pulley systems,
  • advanced rescue techniques,
  • loop rescue,
  • cable-way rescue,
  • work site and team management,
  • client liaison,
  • documentation and record keeping,
  • and an overview of the OHS Act.



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