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4x4 & defensive Driver Training

The Edge has highly qualified Defensive and Offensive driver training instructors. The Edge offers the following courses:

  • Beginner 4x4 and off road driving
  • Advanced 4x4 off road driving
  • Close quarter protection driving
  • Defensive driving
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Skid pans
  • Offensive driving
  • Driving in formations
  • Vehicle navigation.

4x4 Driving

In today's environment vehicles are an essential part of our daily life, and if you are in the security industry, the knowledge of how to operate a vehicle is essential. Leo Prinsloo has trained the best not only on the road, mud & snow, but also with weapons and other essential tools. If you want to be the best, get trained by the best.

The Edge can teach you all the tools needed to operate safely and effectively behind the wheel of any vehicle. to apply email


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The Edge
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Address for PTA: SWAT Shooting Range - Opposite Zwartkop Racetrack, on R55, Centurion

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The Edge
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Bosch service

For all your vehicale services and maintenance please call!

Petrol, diesel and auto electrical repairs and maintenance and now diesel pumps and injectors repairs.

Carlo Du Plessis
(012) 653-3155


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