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Advanced Firearm Training

Advanced Firearm Training:

Professional training for firearm owners in a SAFE, FUN and CONTROLLED environment by highly trained, and experienced trainers.  Through repetition, skills and abilities will be established and honed.   Progression will be step by step to a level where life saving skills will become assured and instinctive.

Advanced Special Forces Tactics

Advanced Firearm Training:

After Completion of the beginner course you will then be assessed and forward the opportunity to join us for the advanced course. In the advanced course we will once again start with the basics:

  • Safe handling techniques
  • Basic fire arm handling skills
  • Safe Making procedures
  • Loading and unloading procedures
  • Range procedures
  • Fundamentals of shooting

After we re-look at the basics of firearms and firearm handling we will focus on the following aspects of firearms and firearm handling

  • How a person reacts under pressure
  • Shooting moving targets
  • House clearing
  • Shooting from vehicles
  • Basics of hand to hand combat
  • Shooting over long distances with a handgun
  • Moving with a firearm over obstacles
  • Holsters and attire
  • Changing weapons on the move

The basis of this training is not to turn any individual into Army men, our focus it to prepare you for any circumstance that may come your way in any hostile environment be it on the road, at home or out on the town



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