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Firearm Range Rules

Leo Prinsloo's unconditional range rules.

Firearm safety rules. (Range Rules)

  1. The firearm must always be pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger, unless firearm sites are on target and you are about to engage target.
  3. Always wear protective gear, this includes, hearing and eye protection.
  4. Identify your target make sure nothing is beyond it.
  5. Treat all firearms as if loaded, never under any circumstances point it at another individual unless your life is under threat and you intend to engage.
  6. No one is to handle any firearm unless on the shooters line, and the draw, load and lock command has been given. (This is a range rule, if in a self defense situation, common sense would need to be applied)

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Range Commands. (Self explanatory)

  1. Range is closed
  2. Eyes and ears (Make sure your hearing and eye protection is fitted)
  3. Draw, load & Lock (Draw your weapon, engage the magazine and lock your slide)
  4. Engage the target
  5. Unload and make safe (Remove the magazine, check the breach and magazine well are empty)
  6. Holster your weapon
  7. Should the command seas fire be used, all firearm activity must stop and the shooter must return to the high ready position with his finger off the tripper.

Firearm Training

You get three main types of firearm discharges

  1. The intentional firing of the firearm either in a safe direction, or for self defense
  2. an accidental discharge, this is when the firearm malfunctions, but this is very rare. (also known as an AD)
  3. and the negligent discharge, this is when the user handles the firearm in an unsafe manner. (also known as an ND)




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