The Edge



SWAT Firearm Training

Special Weapons and Tactical Training (SWAT)

"The Edge" offers advanced tactical and combat training, to individuals and companies looking to hone their skills in the world of law enforcement and the military organizations. The Edge has a large knowlege base and the best instructors, that keep current on all the latest entry methods, weapons and techniques.

The Edge only makes use of highly trained special forces trainers to ensure training is up to the highest standard.

Advanced Bush Warefare

The Edge SWAT course is a must for the following:

  • Security Guards
  • Police Personnel
  • Military commando's
  • Special Units
  • Individuals

Remember the best weapon you have is your Brain and Body, Fitness is king...

SWAT Course :

  • Safe firearm handling techniques
  • Advanced handgun skill
  • Advanced shotgun and long rifle skills
  • Basic movements
  • Advanced Movements under fire
  • Building entry techniques
  • Single and team Movements techniques
  • Non lethal equipment
  • Bush warfare
  • Bush navigation
  • Communication skill
  • Navigation formation
  • Night Operations
  • Basic knife skills
  • advanced hand and knife fighting skill
  • Kit and combat gear
  • basic medical
  • advanced trauma skill
  • Team leader and control theory and training
  • Observation techniques





The Edge Shooting Academy


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The Edge
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Address for PTA: SWAT Shooting Range - Opposite Zwartkop Racetrack, on R55, Centurion


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