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Sniper Training

Basic Sniper Training
·         Introduction to the sniping concept
·         Tactical Equipment
·         Tactical Sniper Rifle
·         Telescopes
·         Basic ballistics
·         Setting up of sniper system ( shooter, rifle, telescope and ammunition)
·         Basic marksman ship

Advanced Tactical Sniper Training
·         Advanced shooting techniques
·         Range and wind estimations
·         Stalking techniques- camouflage and movement
·         Angle shooting
·         Special shooting situations ( shooting through mediums)
·         Advance ballistics
·         Hides
·         Observation posts
·         Anti-tracking
·         Long distance shooting up to 1000meters.

Special Forces Sniper

The tactical sniper courses (Basic and Advanced) have two target (pun intended) groups that will benefit from the teaching. They are hunters and law enforcement / military agencies.

The aim of the tactical sniper course is to teach the student to make effective long range shots with a rifle designed for that purpose. It consists however more than the mere marksmanship that we see on Youtube videos. The would-be sniper needs to master three subjects to ensure he is a well rounded sniper. These fields are: 

·         Marksmanship
·         Fieldcraft
·         Tactics

The basic course will focus on Sniper marksmanship, as the overall result is still measured in putting a bullet on the intended point of aim, regardless of the conditions of the shooter.

Special Forces Sniper

The advanced course focuses on the field craft and tactical aspects. This includes subjects like walk and stalk, camouflage, hide selection etc. which is as applicable to the hunter as to the sniper task with a hostage situation.

Leo (HK) Prinsloo served 17 years in the South African Police Service. Twelve of these years were spend in the SAPS Special task force unit. This is a counter terrorism unit.

Mr. Prinsloo served this unit not only as an operator but also as an elite marksman (sniper). He was known for his deadly accuracy will all types of Sniper Weapons. 
Mr. Prinsloo has trained military Snipers, law enforcement Snipers & hunters the correct techniques when using these high powered rifles. 

Please note that the Sniper training provided is very specific and specialized. We will therefore verify each participant’s bona fide’s as we do not want to teach people who intent to use the knowledge and expertise for evil purposes.




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