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Woman Self Defense

Woman Self Defence

"The Edge" is a state of the art training facility, designed around the principles "Train like your life depends on it, and when it does, its second nature", and we apply these principles to all our courses including our woman's self defense course. Our woman's self defense course is designed to empower woman to fight back against an attacker or a crime.

The Edge only used highly qualified special forces instructors that have training at the highest levels. The Edge instructors are qualified in

  • Advanced knife fighting skills
  • Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • Body Movements and ability techniques

In our Woman's self defense course we teach woman to be mentally aware of these surroundings and any potential threats and weapons that may be around them.

Our course will teach Woman the following:

  • To be aware of the surroundings
  • Always be prepared
  • Risk reduction
  • Avoidance
  • Mental Strength
  • Physical power
  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Firearm training
  • Knife training
  • Special weapons Eg. Teargas

Most assaults on woman are due to the fact that they are easy targets, they don't pay attention and get surprised. Win the battle before there is one, don't make yourself a target, be aware, be alert and survive and if you are caught up in a fight, then make a conscious decision to Fight, and live.

Fore more information on our self defense courses, please feel free to contact us.



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The Edge can organise Woman Self Defence courses for the groups of 5 ladies and up, and can provide the following equipment.

  • Roll Mat's
  • Boxing bags
  • Head gear
  • Combat pads
  • Knives
  • Dummy guns


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