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Firearm Training in Africa

Leo (HK) Prinsloo served 17 years in the South African Police Service. Twelve of these years were spend in the SAPS Special task force unit. This is a counter terrorism unit. Mr. Prinsloo served this unit not only as an operator but also as an elite marksman (sniper). He was heavily involved in the training center with-in the police and has since taken his skill private and offers courses to other military institutions and security companies.

Firearm Training in South Africa

Mr Prinsloo has personally trained some of the Worlds elite urban and rural commando's and is a highly sought after subject matter expert.

Most European countries don't allow outdoor Firearm training, or even offer these courses "The Edge" can offer, due to their strict protection laws, Therefore we have designed a package ideal for all international security forces or firearm enthusiasts to enjoy and hone their skills.


Our international courses are ideal for:

  • Young men and woman who are entering the armed services, and want additional training.
  • Swat Teams
  • Urban Commandos
  • Armed security forces
  • Hunters
  • Enthusiasts who enjoy the outdoors
  • Military teams
  • Advanced police groups
  • Reaction Teams
  • CPF task groups

For more information please feel free to contact us!

See the list of firearm range rules and command <Range Rules>


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